Violet Sullivan, CIPP/US

Violet Sullivan is a proud triple Bear, earning her BBA, MBA and JD from Baylor University. Now an expert on the Baylor LL.M. Brain Trust, she is excited to apply her industry knowledge in Cybersecurity to the LL.M. Program. With a background in both litigation and transactional law, Sullivan is an experienced cybersecurity and privacy attorney who provides expert guidance to corporate clients nationwide.

Early in her career, Sullivan worked on the customer responses for some of the largest data breaches to date, including: Home Depot, Sony, and Anthem. Her experience in managing scaled breach responses led to her expertise and proficiency in proactively preparing organizations for cyber incidents. In the last four years, she has worked on over 300 breach responses and facilitated over 47 breach simulations for numerous corporate clients, including many Fortune 100 companies.

Understanding cybersecurity’s role in Litigation Management is essential for a complete understanding of risk. Data protection is not only an IT issue, but a regulatory, legal, and security issue as well. Sullivan provides a practical and operational look at an area of the law that is clouded with media headlines, public perception and regulatory requirements.

While some cybersecurity experts might be busy debating the value of bitcoin in their spare time, Sullivan would rather spend her personal time running, playing tennis or enjoying a good fiction novel.

  • Violet Sullivan, CIPP/US
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney