Robin L. Wakefield

Robin Wakefield is a tenured, full professor in the Management Information Systems department at Baylor University. Prior to completing her PhD and teaching in the Hankamer School of Business, she worked as a CPA in a small firm in Mississippi. Her interests in both accounting and information systems naturally led to her developing several courses for Baylor's business school: Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Quantitative Research Methods. She teaches these classes mainly to graduate students, although a few brave undergraduates dare to enroll.

Organizational data holds gold nuggets of information, that when discovered, may be used to create insights and knowledge leading to better decisions. In her classes, Wakefield teaches complex algorithms as well as simple analytical techniques. While sophisticated analysis is sometimes necessary to find the gold in the data mine, simple analytical techniques are equally as useful. She finds that students are well-served with a hands-on approach utilizing the analytical software that organizations use.

You don't know what a histogram is?? No problem – her approach to teaching basic statistical concepts includes pictures, diagrams and figures that use relevant data to communicate important analytical concepts to students who may shy from numbers. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In addition to teaching, Wakefield's primary role is research. Her research is generally classified as behavioral studies exploring the relationships between individuals and their use of technology. Her studies have been published in numerous MIS journals and include such topics as cyberbullying, social media passion, information privacy, the use of privacy software and how affect influences technology use.

  • Robin L. Wakefield
  • Professor of MIS,
  • Baylor University