James (Jim) E. Wren

Professionally, Jim Wren is a trial lawyer first and foremost. Before becoming a law professor, he was designated each year as a Texas Super Lawyer in business litigation, was national president of the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and was board certified nationally and in Texas in multiple trial specializations. Now as a law professor, his teaching focuses on two skills: how to talk to juries successfully and how to manage litigation successfully. He teaches Practice Court, Litigation Management, and Advanced Trial Preparation at Baylor Law.

Classes are conducted in an East Texas drawl, spoken as God intended. He teaches that a lawyer’s most valuable commodity in court or in negotiation is resilient credibility. Professor Wren emphasizes the need for a cost-effective litigation strategy to accompany trial skills, and he attracts national leaders in litigation management. Clients want lawyers who know how to deliver the results clients need.

An enduring skeptic of yoga, Professor Wren prefers cycling, especially on the downhill side.

  • James (Jim) E. Wren
  • Co-Director,
  • Baylor Law Executive LL.M in Litigation Management