Cliff Hutchinson

Cliff Hutchinson retired in 2018 as a litigation partner at K & L Gates LLP. During his 38 years of experience in litigating complex, high-stakes commercial and personal injury Hutchinson has focused on cases involving scientific and technical evidentiary issues, ranging from questions of economic loss in commercial damages claims to epidemiological analyses in toxic tort cases.

Hutchinson began his career using his background and training in engineering and computer science trying commercial contract and intellectual property cases for a leading outsourcing company. Hutchinson also represented financial institutions in a full range of disputes from collections and bankruptcy to lender liability. Hutchinson has represented energy companies in disputes concerning international developments, and has also had extensive experience defending personal injury claims, involving both products (industrial and consumer) and toxic torts. Most recently, Hutchinson served as national trial counsel for a Fortune 500 manufacturer, trying toxic tort cases across the country.

Hutchinson pioneered the defense against evidentiary claims by "junk science" expert witnesses, and was lead defense counsel in the Fifth Circuit en banc decision of Christophersen v. Allied Signal, which established a gatekeeping standard for federal courts considering expert testimony. Hutchinson has written or contributed to several books and articles on this topic and is a frequent speaker on expert evidence.

  • Cliff Hutchinson
  • Litigation Partner, K&L Gates, LLP
  • (Retired 2018)