Basha Rubin

Basha Rubin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Priori, the legal marketplace changing the way in-house teams find, hire and manage outside counsel. Using data and technology, Priori rapidly connects teams from 1 to 1000+ with the right attorney for any project globally. Priori's clients include Fortune 500 enterprises and leading technology companies, who use Priori's platform to find vetted boutique firms for projects requiring niche expertise, local counsel, cost-control or overflow capacity support. The company was shortlisted as a 2018 Financial Times Intelligent Business for its work reducing the cost of legal services for corporate clients by 60-80%.

Basha writes and speaks extensively on how technology is changing and will change the marketplace for legal services. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur and Corporate Counsel, and she has spoken at ABA Techshow, Women in Legal Technology Conference, Clio Cloud Conference, SXSW, Reinvent Law and SOLID Conference. In 2018, Basha was named an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, LTRC Woman of LegalTech and StrtupBoost 33 Under 33. She holds a JD and BA from Yale University and is a member of the New York Bar.

  • Basha Rubin
  • CEO & Co-Founder of Priori Legal, Inc.