The Baylor Law LL.M. in Litigation Management provides candidates with both a broad understanding as well as a deep dive into the highly valued disciplines, tools and techniques critical to successful litigation management. From the fundamentals of litigation planning, strategy and risk management, to electronic discovery, case assessment and fee management, to new and evolving technology tools, data analytics and cybersecurity—candidates hone their skills alongside some of the top litigation management experts in the country.

The LL.M. degree program requires 36 trimester hours (equivalent to 24 semester hours), spanning three trimesters (Fall, Spring and Fall), along with a summer research project. Courses are taught online with a short, on-campus requirement at Baylor Law at the close of each of the three trimesters.

Important 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 LL.M. dates can be found here.

Trimester 1: Courses Credits
Fundamentals of Litigation Management 4
Cybersecurity for Litigation 2
Proving and Attacking Damages 2
Data Analytics for Litigation 1
Forum Issues Affecting Major Litigation 1
Management of Expert Witnesses 1
Research Project Phase 1 1

Trimester 2: Courses Credits
Management of Electronic Discovery 4
Business Strategy and Processes in Litigation Management 3
Case Assessment Techniques 2
Litigation Crisis Management 1
Privilege Issues Affecting Litigation Management 1
Research Project Phase 2 1

Summer: Independent Study - Research Project Phase 3

Trimester 3: Courses Credits
Litigation Project Management and Value-Based Billing 4
Complex Arbitration and Negotiation Issues 2
Insurance Coverage and Claims 2
Management of Regulatory Investigations 2
Future Technology Trends in Litigation 1
Research Project Phase 4 1


Designed to accommodate working attorneys, the Baylor Law LL.M. in Litigation Management is geared to maximize your time and help you reach your goal—efficiently and effectively.

The three-trimester program can be completed in just 14 months, with approximately two-thirds of the content provided online via live lectures and flexible learning tools. For much of the time, you create your own schedule. The remaining coursework takes place in three one-week segments on campus, interacting with nationally recognized experts in focused, compact time frames. After the second trimester, you’ll be able to choose a specific area of interest to devote to research—all while maintaining your regular practice.

Important 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 LL.M. dates can be found here.

Here’s how it works:

During each 14 week trimester, candidates have weekly learning sessions that are self-paced. Designed for working professionals, the lectures, interviews and projects are available 24 hours a day so that each candidate can complete that week’s assignments at times that are convenient for them.

Faculty hold online office hours each week, and candidates work together online to complete special projects. The flexible course design means you continue your career while augmenting your skills and knowledge base.

Three times during the program, candidates study at the award-winning Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center at Baylor Law. These weeklong, intensive, on-campus sessions are held at the end of each trimester.

They feature extensive personal interaction with leading litigation counsel from across the nation. During these intensive periods, students dive deeply into cutting edge strategy, work collaboratively with other candidates, faculty and mentors, and hone strategic skills.