Graduates of the program leave with more than an understanding of the modern best practices in today’s high-stakes litigation. They tap into a network of the nation’s leading litigation specialists. They come away with a unique set of tools that separate them from their peers. And they reposition themselves at the center of one of the most critical areas in high volume litigation.

Baylor Law LLM Allison Evans


Associate Attorney, Eclat Law LLP
Executive LL.M. Graduate

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“I really feel that you could take this across the board. It doesn't really matter if you are a civil litigator, a family law attorney, in-house or out-of-house — whatever type of attorney you are, it’s applicable.


With nearly every corporation and major law firm looking to mitigate the rising costs of litigation, lawyers who are equipped to take the lead are in high demand—both as inside and outside counsel. In recent times, the lead role in litigation management has emerged as the ultimate “go-to” position, in some cases ranking second only to that of lead attorney, or General Counsel, with the success of each often tied to the skills of their litigation director.


The skill sets required to effectively manage the complexities of high volume, high stakes litigation isn’t learned in law school. With technology rapidly changing the course of litigation, there’s little mentorship to be had on the job. The real-world disciplines developed here give lawyers a set of highly prized tools that no one else has. Their ability to think strategically, act decisively, manage efficiently, and leverage technology to navigate constantly changing conditions place them significantly ahead of their peers.


High demand skills unlock career opportunities once thought out of reach. Outside counsel looking to transition to general counsel becomes more attractive when positioned as someone who can successfully manage the internal portfolio as well as skillfully direct its outside firms. The lawyer looking to accelerate his or her path to partner demonstrates unique capabilities critical to the financial success of the firm. And the attorney whose strengths and interests lie more in becoming team leader than lead attorney can deliver value across hundreds, and even thousands of cases.


For companies and firms looking to identify and groom the difference-makers of tomorrow, the short-term investment in personnel with the unique skills to steer the long-term future of litigation is small compared with the payouts down the line. For graduates of the program, the return is virtually instantaneous. The insights, experiences, tools and techniques learned all immediately transfer to current practice.


The Baylor LL.M. is unique. There is nothing else like it in the country. Nowhere can the disciplines and elite skills necessary for litigation management be found in one place—in one program—with the depth and breadth of instruction as here.

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  • They would recommend the program to colleagues

  • The value received was worth the investment

  • They enhanced their ability to manage litigation

  • They improved in both efficiency and effectiveness

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“My company’s legal spend is 82% litigation. I wanted to find a way to reduce that spend and communicate it effectively.”   “I wanted to quantify how much value I’m bringing to the corporation in terms of my work in my day-to-day operations, do my job better, and be more efficient.”   “I wanted to take a more visible leadership role within my firm and maximize the value that our clients receive from our work.”
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